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How Long Does It Take to Replace a Cracked Windshield?

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In many states, a cracked windshield can be a serious safety issue. You may be wondering what it will take to fix a crack in your windshield. It’s good to know that replacing a windshield is an easy and quick process. What you need to understand about the time it takes to replace a cracked windshield.

Replacement of the Windshield

Each step is critical in ensuring that the new windshield will be installed correctly and securely. This is a step-by-step breakdown of the replacement process.

1. Preparation and Assessment (10-15 minutes)

The first thing you do when you take your car to a glass shop is have it assessed. The technician will assess the damage and determine whether a replacement is needed. The technician will then prepare the vehicle for replacement by removing all components that could obstruct it, such as trim or windshield wipers.

2. Remove the damaged Windshield (15-30 Minutes)

Next, remove the damaged glass. The technician will then carefully cut the urethane seal holding the windshield in position. To avoid damaging paint or the frame of the car, this process must be done with precision. The old glass is removed and properly disposed of.

3. Preparing the Surface (10-15 Minutes)

The technician will then clean and prepare the surface of the new windshield after removing the old one. The technician will remove any adhesive residue and apply primer to both the frame of the car and the new glass. This will ensure a good bond between the car and the new glass.

4. Installing the New Windshield (15-30 Minutes)

The new windshield will be carefully placed and fixed into place. To secure the windshield, the technician will use a special adhesive (typically urethane). Alignment is essential to ensure that the windshield fits properly and provides structural support.

5. Curing Time (1-2 Hours)

The adhesive must cure after the installation of the new windshield. This step is vital as it ensures that the windshield is securely attached to the vehicle. The installation process may only take one hour but the curing can take up to two. It’s crucial to not drive the car during this period to allow the adhesive time to be properly set.

Total Time Estimate

The entire process, from the initial assessment to the final inspection, typically takes 1.5 to 3 hours. The installation and curing time for the adhesive are included in this. The majority of auto glass shops are able to complete the replacement in a few hours. This allows you to be back on the road that same day.

Additional Considerations

Mobile Services

Mobile services are offered by many auto glass shops. Technicians will come to you to replace your windshield. It can save time and effort to drive to the shop. However, the total time for replacement remains the same.

Weather Conditions

The weather can influence the cure time of the adhesive. The adhesive may take longer to dry in cold or humid weather. To ensure a strong bond, technicians may use a different type of adhesive depending on weather conditions.

Quality of Materials

The use of high-quality adhesives and materials can also affect the speed and durability in which the windshield is replaced. You should choose an auto glass shop that only uses high-quality adhesives and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) glass.

While it is possible to replace cracked glass relatively quickly, giving the adhesive enough time to cure properly will ensure safety and durability. The majority of windshield replacements are completed within 1.5 to 3 hours. This allows you to get back on the road in no time with a safe and clear view.

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