Why use valet parking?

446 ViewsOffered by a large number of establishments and commercial companies, this is a service through which private individuals or professionals entrust their vehicle to valets. The valets are selected and their mission is to collect customers’ vehicles and park them in private and secure car parks. Valet parking is free or paid. It avoids […]

Choosing the right motorcycle helmet .?

583 ViewsIntegral, modular, jet, cross-over, all-terrain, or replica helmet, the variants are not lacking… But do you know which one would best suit your needs? Motoblouz takes stock for you! FULL FACE HELMET: THE ROAD/SPORTS REFERENCE The rigid chin guard attached to the shell increases the protection of the full- face motorcycle helmet tenfold . […]


389 ViewsDo you want to buy a vehicle, but are hesitating between new and used? How about going through a second-hand professional? 87%* of French people believe that the second-hand market offers a wide range of vehicles in terms of price (study conducted by Harris Interactive for Spoticar). The Spoticar multi-brand label offers more than […]

5 tips to extend the life of your car

459 Views1. Do the maintenance in time As with all your possessions, regular and frequent maintenance of your car is one of the best ways to prolong its life. There’s a reason your mechanic puts a maintenance sticker on your windshield showing the mileage. So be sure to make an appointment at the garage near […]

How to repair a cracked windshield?

464 ViewsRepair a cracked windshield? Whatever the location and size of the impact, do not delay in repairing a crack on your windshield . Indeed, the longer you wait, the more you expose yourself to complications: imagine the consequences of a broken windshield if you do not have glass breakage insurance ! Fortunately, a cracked […]

Treat yourself to a limo in Toronto!

367 ViewsTreat yourself to a limo in Toronto! Francis Madar on mars, 26th 2019 in Rest of Canada ShareSave Toronto is one of Canada’s most desirable cities, and arguably the most popular city in the second largest country on the planet. This great megalopolis offers a plethoric cultural offer and activities of all kinds and […]

Your car wash by hand at a Total Energies station

293 ViewsEfficient and neat, hand washing meets the expectations of the most demanding customers. Do not hesitate to entrust your vehicle to our Wash professionals: it will be in good hands! An innovative concept Our Wash hand washing experts implement an innovative concept combining steam washing, to remove stubborn stains and disinfect cleaned surfaces, and […]

What is meant by carrier truck?

265 ViewsBody types for straight trucks These carrier trucks are therefore efficient to ensure the transport of almost all consumer products with complete peace of mind. Whether it is liquid (petrol, milk, etc.), perishable foodstuffs or even furniture, rigid trucks have as many bodies as there are types of goods to be transported. But their […]