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5 tips to extend the life of your car

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1. Do the maintenance in time

As with all your possessions, regular and frequent maintenance of your car is one of the best ways to prolong its life. There’s a reason your mechanic puts a maintenance sticker on your windshield showing the mileage. So be sure to make an appointment at the garage near the date or mileage entered.

Changing the oil, aligning the wheels, checking the brakes and checking the headlights are small maintenance gestures that can avoid a good number of frequent repairs on the car.

2. Keep your tires inflated

Improper tire pressure not only increases your gas mileage, but also increases the risk of blowouts. In addition, under-inflated tires heat up faster, causing faster tread wear. A worn tread can cause a traffic accident, especially at high speeds. So be sure to maintain the tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

3. Fix Windshield Breaks Quickly

Quickly repairing a crack smaller than a dollar, out of your field of vision and located more than 3 centimeters from the edge of the windshield, is a quick and inexpensive gesture that can prevent many incidents and, above all, the windshield replacement. In addition, the repairs will improve your visibility behind the wheel.

4. Drive carefully

Safe driving will not only reduce your risk of an accident on the road, but will also extend the life of your vehicle. For example, by avoiding high speeds and rapid accelerations, you will preserve the engine whose mechanism is only optimal when it is warmed up. Plus, by keeping your eyes on the road, away from distractions, you’ll be able to avoid potholes, curbs, and other road hazards. Many mechanical problems are caused by collisions and other accidents. Avoiding collisions will extend the life of your car, guaranteed.

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5. Clean your car frequently

The benefits of cleaning your vehicle frequently are many. In addition to preserving the condition of the bodywork and chassis from external aggressions, regular washing extends the life of the materials inside. A good cleaning of the wheels and tires also helps to properly maintain these elements that are essential to the safe operation of your car. Bonus: you will also be able to enjoy the satisfaction of driving a clean and more aesthetic car! And the ideal: to have floor mats for winter and summer.

While proper maintenance goes a long way, a car cannot run forever. Please see the tips below for help knowing when your car is at the end of it’s lifecycle or if you should continue to repair.
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