Maintaining your car

Maintaining your car well means extending its life!

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Do you care about your car and want it to stay with you for a long time? To prolong the life of your vehicle, it needs regular maintenance. This precaution guarantees your safety as well as that of your passengers.

It also makes it possible to anticipate any future problems and avoid serious breakdowns which could purely and simply mark the end of the career of your dear and essential automobile.

Like this Viennese driver who has traveled more than a million kilometers in his taxi, do you dream of registering your sedan, coupé, minivan, convertible… in the Guinness Book of Records? Thanks to this article, you will know how to properly maintain your car to extend its life .

Take great care with your car to increase its longevity

Adopt an eco-responsible driving style

To take care of your car, here are some tips based on the principles of eco-driving . This type of ecological and economical driving is based on the use of the engine at low revs , favoring flexible and anticipatory driving at moderate and stable speed, without sudden acceleration or sudden braking. Your tires will thank you!

Car maintenance

To preserve your vehicle’s mechanics , warm up the engine 5 minutes before setting off and avoid pressing the accelerator while the oil is cold, ie during the 15 minutes following start-up.

This precaution extends the life of the motor . To spare the brakes and the clutch, it is best to avoid using your car for short trips. Likewise, there is no need to disengage the clutch when you are waiting at a red light or to brake when passing first gear.

Did you know ?

Adopting the principles of eco-driving means ensuring a reduction in fuel costs , a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions , a reduction in the wear and tear of your vehicle ( and therefore the cost of maintenance) and a reduction in the risk of accidents.

Shelter your car in a garage

A car sheltered in a garage , under a carport or in a protected parking space has happy days.

It does not suffer bad weather in winter (rain, snow, hail) or UV rays in summer. It also gets dirty less quickly. For the bodywork, this is an undeniable good point.

For the motor and the battery too, especially in frosty weather, formidable for the mechanics. By sleeping under cover, your car will have a less cold engine when starting , which limits the risk of breakage.

Perform minor car maintenance

Once a month, do not hesitate to monitor the condition and pressure of the tires as well as the condition of the brakes .

You can also take a look at the levels (coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, oil level). To be complete, all you have to do is test the condition of the battery and do a quick check of the lights and windshield wipers .

If you don’t feel like a mechanic, take your car to a specialist as soon as you notice an anomaly. Performing small repairs in time can prevent major breakdowns or even irreversible problems.

Maintenance and longevity: mandatory automotive overhauls

Your car has a maintenance booklet provided by the manufacturer .

It contains technical advice and the different deadlines for mandatory reviews . This document allows you to have visibility on the condition of the car, the repairs already carried out and on the maintenance operations to come. On modern vehicles, the date of the next service is displayed on the dashboard.

The Norauto service book also provides you with a practical solution which groups together all past interventions and reminds you of those to come!

Connect to your customer area and go to the “My Account” section. Because it’s always easier to be accompanied and to control the maintenance of your car.

My maintenance book on

The car overhaul every year or every two years

Depending on the model, brand, date of entry into service and the manufacturer’s instructions provided on the service book, some cars will need to be serviced every 10,000 km, 15,000 km or 20,000 km .

If the mileage is not reached, it is estimated that you should not wait more than two years to have your car serviced . During this maintenance operation, the vehicle undergoes an oil change.

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