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Choosing the right motorcycle helmet .?

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Integral, modular, jet, cross-over, all-terrain, or replica helmet, the variants are not lacking… But do you know which one would best suit your needs? Motoblouz takes stock for you!


The rigid chin guard attached to the shell increases the protection of the full- face motorcycle helmet tenfold . Suitable for most uses, it shines especially in regular road use, as well as in sporty conditions, where speeds are high.

Safety that is paid for in terms of comfort: less ventilated and often heavier than others, the full-face helmet reaches its limits in exclusively urban use as well as in the heart of summer.

The jet helmet, a wide range of finishes and colors

The accessible selling price works in its favour. But it is above all the strong feeling of freedom due to a great lightness and a very open field of vision which are worth its success in the jet helmet. Available in many styles, from the most vintage to the most contemporary, it has something to satisfy all desires.

Demi-jet extra-light or jet with long screen, it remains the least protective of the different types of helmets. It is therefore better to reserve it for the lowest speeds.

See all jet helmets


The missing link! More versatile than the full-face helmet but more protective than the jet helmet, the modular motorcycle helmet has a flip-up chin bar. It provides comfort when stationary and at low speeds, without affecting road handling once the chin bar is closed.

The other side of the coin, it generally displays a higher weight than the integral.

Prefer as far as possible the modular ones benefiting from the double P/J homologation (integral and jet), more reassuring.

The adventure helmet is a hybrid between road integral and off-road helmet

For you, the motorcycle is synonymous with long-distance travel and, under your wheels, the dirt track sometimes replaces the tar? What you need is an adventure motorcycle helmet! At ease on all terrains, this ally of big trails such as the BMW GS Adventure is waterproof enough and insulated from the outside to excel on a daily basis.

It also knows how to switch to off-road mode with its visor and good ventilation. Make sure it’s easy to clean and that its strained components (screen, visor, etc.) are replaceable.


Rarely has the function determined the shape as much as with an off-road helmet! Massive chin bar, long and profiled visor, its competitive DNA is undeniable. It places on a pedestal lightness and ventilation, essential given the physical involvement of cross and off-road pilots in general.

Pay attention to the weight, the main criterion for choosing a motocross helmet.

This category also includes jet helmets with visor, specially developed for trials.

The pilots’ paw is revealed on the replica helmets

Competition enthusiasts swear by it… The Replica motorcycle helmet indeed displays the same decoration as that of their favorite pilot. The Valentino Rossi Replica decorations are essential, but many other pilots have theirs. Most often integral or off-road, this helmet is not satisfied with aesthetics alone. Some are closely derived from the original model.

Replica of the helmets of the best pilots in all sports categories (MotoGP, Superbike, Tourist Trophy, MX1, etc.), the replica helmet is an exceptional helmet.

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