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Why use valet parking?

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Offered by a large number of establishments and commercial companies, this is a service through which private individuals or professionals entrust their vehicle to valets.

The valets are selected and their mission is to collect customers’ vehicles and park them in private and secure car parks.

Valet parking is free or paid. It avoids customers having to find a parking space and return to the place of arrival. Thus, this service offers considerable time savings.

Some valet agencies work on their own. If you want to organize an event (private party, birthday, wedding…), all you have to do is contact one of them.

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The principle of operation of valet parking at airports.

The principle of operation of the valet parking service is relatively simple.

The reservation

For the reservation, 2 options are available to you: you can book either from the application (iOS and Android) or directly from the company’s website.

Thereafter, you will receive a message with clear and precise information (place and time of the appointment, telephone number of the valet…).

Driving to the departure hall

In the confirmation message, you will find the exact address where the valet will be waiting for you. Generally, the meeting point at the airport is at the drop-off level of your departure terminal.

Handing over the keys

Once he has carried out an inventory of your car (to avoid possible misunderstandings), the valet will drive it to the car park and park it for you in their private and secure car park.

From this moment, you will have peace of mind and can travel with peace of mind.

The recovery of the car

When you return, the valet will be waiting for you at the address and time indicated for the return. All you have to do is get into your vehicle and get back on the road.

The benefits of valet parking

The time saving

You will no longer need to look for parking for parking your vehicle. The valet service will take care of it for you, all at reasonable rates.

So you focus on the essentials.


Hiring a valet means enjoying a comfortable departure experience. All you have to do is arrive at the meeting place and hand over the keys to the valet. The latter, a trained and seasoned driver, will ensure that the parking of the vehicle takes place in good conditions.


The car parks are secure and their access is only authorized to qualified persons.

The valet parking service helps individuals on the go. It is available at some airports and train stations, and supports vehicles. It offers several major advantages, including safety, comfort, time saving, etc.

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