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What is meant by carrier truck?

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Body types for straight trucks

These carrier trucks are therefore efficient to ensure the transport of almost all consumer products with complete peace of mind. Whether it is liquid (petrol, milk, etc.), perishable foodstuffs or even furniture, rigid trucks have as many bodies as there are types of goods to be transported. But their use is not restricted to the transport of consumer goods: rigid trucks are also used for removals, the transport of packages, the transport of goods on construction sites,… Similarly, they can be adapted to the transport over long distances as well as regional or even local traffic with the same efficiency. In short, there is a carrier truck for every transport need!

→ Focus on the main body types for rigid trucks

The different equipment of rigid trucks

In addition to the specificities linked to each body, rigid trucks can be enriched with equipment to improve their comfort of use and their productivity.

The Crane

To unload or load a straight truck more quickly regardless of its body, an auxiliary crane can be attached to it at the front or at the rear. This removable equipment called “crane truck” should not be confused with the driving crane directly integrated into the bodywork. It is mainly dump trucks and flatbed trucks that are equipped with this auxiliary crane, the transported goods supporting this type of loading or unloading well.

The tailgate

The tail lift is a platform system located at the rear of the vehicle body allowing the contents to be loaded and unloaded more easily..

This system requires the presence of a box on the chassis of the carrier truck but also an opening system from the rear of the vehicle to be implemented.

The best known brands of rigid trucks.

At European level, the main brands of second-hand carriers are those of the leading historic manufacturers: Renault Trucks, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo Trucks, DAF Trucks, Iveco, Scania, and even MAN AG. Zoom in on three of them.

Renault Truck carriers

Logo-Renault-TrucksRenault Trucks is the market leader in the construction of heavy goods vehicles in France thanks to ranges of high-performance rigid trucks in their field of use. We can thus cite the Renault Midlum and Renault Premium Distribution rigid trucks in the short distance distribution sector, the Renault Premium Long Distance and Renault Magnum rigid trucks specially designed to be efficient over long distances and finally the Renault Premium Lander and Renault Kerax rigid trucks. designed to withstand work in the construction industry.

Mercedes-Benz Truck carriers

Logo-Mercedes-Benz-TrucksMercedes-Benz Truck is a German truck brand created in 1926. Since then, it has been designing quality carrier trucks, renowned for their long-distance performance. We can notably cite the Mercedes Axor or even the Mercedes Actros truck, elected three times truck of the year (Truck of the Year award) in 1998, 2005 and 2009.

But Mercedes does not only excel in the manufacture of long-distance rigid trucks. This manufacturer also offers a range of products intended for regional and local distribution for all types of goods: the Mercedes Atego rigid truck, the Mercedes Antos rigid truck and the Mercedes Econic rigid truck.

Mercedes Truck also offers two ranges of rigid trucks for public works, Atego and Arocs, with three types of bodywork: the flatbed rigid truck, the three-way tipper rigid truck and the skip loader rigid truck. These carrier trucks have been specially designed to withstand work in the construction industry and offer ease of use and great driving comfort, even on the most chaotic terrain.

Scania Truck carriers

Logo-Scania-TrucksScania is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks and buses. This manufacturer produces rigid trucks combining optimum quality and advanced technology with unique customization options. We thus obtain the Scania G and R series designed for long-distance transport and renowned for their low fuel consumption (there is, for example, the Scania Streamline rigid truck in these ranges).

Scania’s P series is not to be outdone with rigid trucks intended for distribution and medium-haul transport. With their robust chassis and powertrains, these Scania trucks offer significant productivity and reliability while promising fuel savings and reduced emissions.

Scania Trucks offers, like its competitors, a range of rigid trucks intended for the world of the construction site but incorporates much more reference. We can thus find carrier trucks with normal or multi-tipper, concrete carrier trucks (mixers or pumps), carrier trucks with crane (mobile or removable) and finally carrier trucks with platforms

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